i am beyond thrilled to announce my very 1st album release celebration on Friday Dec 16th over at Center for the Arts Eagle Rock in Los Angeles!

I will be playing with a 13 piece ascension orchestra including a string quartet, backup vocalists and more surprises. Cosmic tones for mental therapy will be provided by Ras_G + zero emission frequencies by Zeroh. I will have palm psalms on double vinyl + hemp shirts for sale + a mini CreatorDIY pop up to sell some armor + clothes... 

pre-sale tickets available here

LA weekly piece..

new write up in the LA weekly

it's come to my attention that sometimes editors alter writers' work, or even make up headlines so that articles will get more views. having to name drop another artist for whatever reason is funny to me, but it's all good... i'm just grateful to be able to have my story shared.

regardless of the title, i loved the actual written piece.  thankful. 

Palm Psalms: A Light to Resolve All Darkness

1 1 . 1 1 

my album is finally out!


i am so proud that i produced and pressed up this record on my own! as a free artist soaring through new skies, your support is everything. thank you for being wit me n giving me an opportunity to share my love on this planet during a time when we need it the most. may this record plant a seed of light inside your heart. 

the album is available on:

~*~ clear 2x vinyl thoooo ~*~

all my love! create or die! 

Diwata Mantraz II

Diwata Mantraz is an evolving collection of free-form instrumentals and sound meditations. It is a musical documentation of my journey through interwoven vibratory dimensions, to The Divine Cosmic Source that unifies us with all creation.

Manifestation is inspired by my dreams to live on an island, in a pyramid of leaves, creating music inside a solar powered recording studio, eating food straight from the land i walk barefoot upon, surrounded by my star clan: co-creators of life and love. this is for you. if u are out there resonating wit me, i affirm that our dreams shall manifest more n more every day so long as we vibrate in authenticity, respect and compassion.