Low Leaf & the ascension's tv premiere on Kcet



Create or Die

is a path

to live one's life as music

& to evolve in harmony

with pure love.





i am low leaf. i am an artist: a musician / frequency sculptress / prpl blooded faerie / angel antennaed savage lover . i was planted here to experiment, expand n evolve myself + others. the spirit of life & love is what moves me to create, decompose, & rebirth constantly. every day is a new song; as i too, am an ever-changing earthling. i invite you to explore this space with an open heart and mind, for nothing but pure love dwells here. 


musical archive

stream / download my latest album, "Palm Psalms: A Light to Resolve All Darkness" here + check out my entire musical archive. 


private sound baths

i am once again offering private sound baths for individuals or small groups for intimate attuning sessions in the los angeles area.