Ethereal Womb Revival Flower Essence

Ethereal Womb Revival Flower Essence


The Ethereal Womb Revival Flower Essence 

is a vibrational infusion for women that want to heal, cleanse, release, and connect with their womb. 

In this energy center, many women store unresolved trauma from past experiences, past lovers, and often many hurtful energetic imprints that are damaging to the whole of one’s being. 


Created with spring water from Mt. Shasta, the root chakra of the earth. This holy water has been charged with Lemurian Quartz, Moon Stones, vibrating in a crystal singing bowl of song n prayer to the Most High, calling assistance from all forces that are of heavenly pure love. 


The flower essences in each bottle contains: Hibiscus for letting go of built up creative forces in the womb, TI plant for psychic and spiritual protection, Ayahuasca to stimulate dialogue in the body for self-healing, Blue Water Lily to open one up to the sacredness within, and Chocolate Orchid to return to the joyful path of life and purity.


Date created: January 2018 New Moon in Capricorn

Recommended dosage: 4 drops every 2 hours. or 10-15 drops in a glass of water to sip throughout the day. Increase frequency of dosage (not dose) for stronger effects. 

Ingredients: Holy water, Flower Essences (Hibiscus, TI Plant, Ayahuasca, Chocolate Orchid, Blue Water Lily). 




For an in depth review of this medicine and the making of it, check it out on my blog

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