summer solstice notes to self

it feels good to make whatever you want bc it was never about them in the first place

your art is your place to get free, u define the laws 

i'll take intangible authenticity over tangible familiarity any day 

be honest about what you do and do not fk with

but still see the beauty in all that is and has been

there's no rules about how many times u need to update the internet about ur life, u are on ur own organic timeline. u cannot fall behind or be ahead. stay present.

stop defining everything

the plants are indeed talking to you, just accept it already 

it's alright to abandon, resurrect and/or revise ur dreams

when u think abt ppl/things u don't like, u r dispersing ur energy unwisely. whenever u re-realize this, be thankful that u r learning. 

every distraction has an affirmation that blooms into a spiritual lesson

stay doin u, love is all there is. 



Low Leaf