Venus is in retrograde and I feel the desire once again to withdraw, self-reflect, and strip away all that is not of love. I've come to realize that I have still been bound by the opinions of others, the fear of my actions being interpreted as offensive, and being misunderstood. But what happens when one's desire to understand outweighs the desire to be understood? Perhaps no one will ever understand why we do the things that we do to get free. Sometimes self-love looks like walking away from a social situation, not answering phone calls n emails, walking barefoot when you feel like it anywhere/anytime, wearing your hair wild, dressing how you actually feel, dancing to the music in ur head, revising your dreams, letting relationships be, crying in the presence of a yellow asiatic lily, singing to yourself in public places as a means to staying tapped into a more desirable frequency, shit.... We truly don't have to justify our actions n who we are to other people, but sometimes we do bc we care for others around us. Ultimately, it is not our responsibility to please others, and try to make others feel comfortable if our freedom n presence begins to trigger people's deep rooted insecurities. I've put my own discomfort aside so that peace would prevail.... But this, this is not an act of love and true peace, and this violates a deep written contract to myself in my soul. Untying these unconscious self-hindering beliefs and conditioned mindsets is a part of uncovering the me within that I've been holding back from releasing in full expression. Along the way, I will make mistakes, I will be misunderstood, I will be disliked, I will fail, maybe even regret... But these are all risks I am willing to take at the cost of living in alignment with my truest self; and as I continue to ascend, I find that ancient souls enter (or re-enter) my life that are a closer vibrational match to who I am and where I'm going. With all love and respect acknowledged to the karmic souls that enter and exit our lives synchronistic with the cycles of nature, I will keep evolving until I set my fiery soul free and ablaze like the purple plasmic star that I am.

And so it is... Those who can see my magic and beauty can only perceive me in true authenticity once they've realized their own magic and beauty and radiance within.  We notice the qualities in others that we are most resonant with, for the world is literally your hearts reflection. I choose to see the love in all, even those who have hurt me in the past intentionally n unintentionally. It's all good, because every single experience up until this point has led me to a beautiful place of cultivation and has strengthened my relationship with The Creator... And maybe us letting go will allow others to let go too.. so I am thankful, for it all returns to Love... 


May we all truly live and let live.. 

Low Leaf