auora tribe

It's taken me a while to be in the right state of being n write about this precious gift that has helped me during one of the hardest times of my existence. I used to think that all things were inherently neutral and meaningless, and it was people's intentions that gave things life. But I believe all things are already expressing life, and the consciousness that weaves, molds, and manifests something into creation, is what gives every thing it's own unique energetic quality.

This is my one and only mala, one that I wear nearly every day. It has been my tool in times of crisis, and a treasure I keep close to my chest when I roam the world. When I first received this in the mail, I was overwhelmed with such high vibrations upon opening the box it came in. The scent of roses activated cellular excitement throughout my body, and I felt the intricate love and care that went into the piece. The wooden beads smelled of sandalwood, and holding the mala in my hands literally brought me pure happiness; I squealed with joy. I immediately tested out the energy and meditated for a bit, repeating the simple mantra, "I am love"... A few minutes later I was lifted, and left hovering in a state of mellow tranquility and gratitude.. 

Now, I didn't realize this until 2 weeks later, but it was no coincidence that I was to own this mala before a very unfortunate day. One morning, my parents got into a huge car accident bc a woman ran a red light, and as a result, my dad broke his hip. Suddenly my entire family's life shifted and were spending the 1st few weeks of December in the hospital every day while my dad was in the ICU recovering from surgery. Whenever I had a moment to myself, I would hold my mala, reciting prayers and mantras of hope, strength, and healing for my dad. I honestly don't think I've ever prayed so hard in my life, and absolutely abandoned all sense of self. All my energy and strength and faith was being put into the hands of God, to transfer over to help my dad heal. If I didn't have this mala at the time, I honestly believe my prayers would have been rhythmless, scattered, un-unified. . . But bc the mala had brought me such elevation before the accident, I held onto it as a reminder, as a symbol of hope, as a lighthouse and tool, to weave my vibration and thoughts into a higher state of calmness and support for my family.  

Prayer beads are powerful tools to help entrain and attune the mind to The Creator. Often times people find it hard to meditate bc they are watching their thoughts bounce from one image and feeling to the next. Using a mala and being able to create my own mantra is a little shortcut to cleanse lower vibrations, and tune myself up throughout the day. Purified intentions n thoughts spoken into words, released through voice, into the atmosphere, creating momentum and higher realities. . . ~*~ it's quite amazing how much power our hearts have. 

What's interesting is that I've owned a few malas in the past, and none of them seemed to be alive, as this particular one was. I selected it out of a Chakra collection created by Aurora Tribe. The heart chakra mala resonated with me so deeply bc I had been meditating on the power of love for the past few months. Each of these malas come with special incense, and is hand knotted with beautiful bead stones vibrating for that particular energy center. The woman who makes these is such a gentle and caring soul, it is truly an honor to have connected with her in this way. 

Now.... this isn't just a post trying to 'promote a product', because this isn't a product for mere consumption, fashion, or aesthetic. Also, I've become somewhat of a minimalist this past year, and don't own a single thing that I don't use or love. I just wanted to share my beautiful experience with this sacred piece, because quite frankly, I use my mala to teleport.. It is a symbol of my inner light, and how my soul is forever connected to The Creator. And I personally believe that that is the deeper purpose behind the name "Aurora Tribe".  So if you're reading this, and hear any voice inside your heart that sparks an interest in these special prayer tools, I highly suggest you gift one to yourself or a loved one. I know I'll cherish mine for the rest of my days. 

Low Leaf