self-love, cutting soul ties, & tilling the soil for new growth

It took me 25 years to realize that I had not known what it was to truly love when I was looking into the eyes of my soul mate ~ and saw that the love that I was capable of extending to him was limited to the depth at which I knew how to love myself. Ever since then, countless lessons have come into my path in various forms, blessing me with painful reflections in order to show me what areas within myself still needed healing and love. 

s e l f - l o v e

Your relationship to yourself, determines the quality of the relationships that you attract in your life. Anyone that claims that they love another, cannot truly do so, until they know what it is to love oneself. Self-love is understanding that you Are Love itself. Therefore, love yourself. To fall in love with love, is to actually fall in love with The Creator. And since our true nature is love, you can see the goodness and love in all people, regardless of if they are meant to be in your life ~ it is a fundamental step towards compassion. When you know how to care for yourself, you can balance your wholeness, and share it with others abundantly. Only someone that has not discovered the love within themselves yet can ridicule and distort another person's self-love as self-absorption. Have compassion for them, for they have not the capacity to understand yet. Often times, empathic people need solitude in order to do this soul work, so do what you must in order to balance yourself from the inside out. It is important to remember that there is no need to explain yourself to other people, unless you want to. I've wasted so much time in the past trying to explain myself to others, only to realize that i needed to stop apologizing for who i was, and who i was becoming. For the people that are meant to walk with you on this soul journey already understand, because they too are doing the work. 

k a r m i c  c o n t r a c t s 

As your vibration becomes more defined and expansive, you may soon find that certain relationships are no longer healthy for you because they do not resonate at the frequency of love that you have modulated to. There are many signs that show when your karmic contract with another soul has expired. Pay attention to how you feel when you share the same space with them, and how you feel afterwards because your body will tell you. If there has not been an equal exchange, or if you continually find yourself feeling tired, stressed, or uncomfortable around somebody, this could either be pointing to an area within yourself that you need to rebalance, or it may be a sign that there is something within this person's energetic field that does not agree with yours any longer. The biggest lesson I've learned about this, is to trust my intuition. I've had so many friendships that sailed nowhere because I ignored my intuition about somebody, in hopes that asserting love would lead the way to a beautiful relationship..  Although they may be 'good people', our karmic contracts do not allow for our souls to vibrate at close proximity in harmony. Understanding the nature of this deep energetic balance is key to knowing who to keep inside your sacred circle, for not everyone belongs there. Those who do, will share in your creative ethers because similar atoms group together. Ironically, the more spaced out your circle is, the closer and more deeper your connections truly are... for they transcend distance and time. 

t i l l i n g  t h e  s o i l  for new growth

When cutting soul ties, it's so vital to be very clear in your intentions of being ready to let go. Expressing sincere gratitude seals any holes in your energetic field that may allow that energy to come back into your life. If it returns, see it as an opportunity to redefine your vibration and to make your soular spectrum whole, so that you are resonating at your fullest expression. When you are aligned with your most authentic frequency, you are actually tuning into your divine self. We all have access, for we all share this divine heritage. Once you pass those tests and affirm that you are ready to move forward, the karmic cycle is released. It is then that you must state your prayer clearly to The Creator. Be specific about of what kind of new relationships you want to attract, and be conscious of what you ask for. The people that show up in your life, and the people that have been there all along, will always reflect aspects of yourself. We are all here to reflect each other and help each other evolve. So learn when to create, and when to gracefully destroy .:. when to be together, and when to be alone .:.  when to grow alongside someone, and when to let go ..:.. all in the name of love. 

Stay prayerful. Stay faithful. Stay true. 

Low Leaf