the gift

every day i make the choice to follow the call of my heart. at times i am surrounded by complete support and encouragement. other times i am alone. it is then that i begin to listen to the whispers of the wind.

today i went for a walk through the hills and saw a new bridge in the distance i had never seen. i thought this was perhaps a metaphor for all the transitions happening in my life, and the impending rebirth i feel myself approaching any lunar cycle now. i rushed towards it, took a deep breath and walked across it, expecting to feel a surge of energy, but felt nothing. i decided to turn right. realizing i had yet again decided to go on an impromptu hike while wearing my inappropriate but trusty slips, i took em off and decided to walk barefoot in the dusty dirt bc i wanted to feel the temperature of the warmed earth. i looked at the sun and shielded my face, for i seem to have inherited an insecurity of skin damage from the collective consciousness, but then let my hand down because i've actually grown to love my freckles; they are literally skin constellations. for some reason i thought to just turn around bc i was tapping into too much mental chatter.. but almost immediately the wind blew in the direction i had been walking, so i just kept going.. i felt there was a treasure close by. 

now, i'll be honest.. i didn't walk much further on, bc i found what i was looking for a few yards ahead. these glowing green antennae nearly waved at me to come close. i examined them with curiosity, and somehow, as i stood at a specific angle in space and time, i shifted into a portal of heightened awareness.. the type of high that i wished to reach when i used to smoke herb daily. inside this head/heart space, i am conscious of how all plant life surrounding me is incredibly aware of my presence, and sensitive to my thoughts.. every moment is an interaction, an exchange, a conversation. i looked at the bridge behind me, and began to perceive the same landscape many generations ago, much greener, untouched. running water once flowed through the hills when the native americans inhabited the land. and perhaps another me in another time once stood exactly where i was standing.. seeking a sign. comfort. inspiration. perhaps the feeling that i was feeling. i wondered if an ancient me left a message for my future self right then and (t)here. then i understood it was true, and the transmission was real. i retrieved the gift, squinted my eyes, and smiled as i bowed my head.. for when we are most present, it is clear, that true presence, is the future and the past all at once. timelessness is presence. the wind gently wrapped my body and whispered, 'you are exactly where you are meant to be'. this was the treasure i had been looking to find ~ the energetic gem that my heart compass unfailingly led me to.

gratitude deeply settled in. 

i took my phone out to capture this moment for myself, and to my surprise, right before my eyes was my metaphysical bridge of light. 

                                                                  t h a n k  y o u 

                                                                  t h a n k  y o u 

Low Leaf