Gratitude for Breakfast

When you wake up and feel deep gratitude in your heart for another day, another chance to be alive, to create, and to be who you are, you open up a beautiful portal within your soul to receive the abundance that is beckoning to meet you. It seems to be a spiritual key to unlocking any lower vibration that may be blocking us from resonating at our highest expression. When you say "thank you" you are inviting more goodness into your life, more reasons to be thankful in the first place. When you say "no thank you" you close doors to what could become. In the morning, as you are making breakfast, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, making your bed, the inner mantra behind all actions should be gratitude. Your energetic field will light up, your cells will radiate more vibrantly, you will perceive your reality with the eye of your heart.

See yourself as you truly are; a masterpiece of The Creator. See your life as it truly is; a beautiful infinite spectrum of love's variation. How great and wonderful it truly is to be alive, awake, anew!!! Thank you!  

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