Digital Detoxing, Vibratory Fasting & Lunar Cleansing Rituals

I wanted to write a personal post about the different soular cleansing methods that I have found are useful for clearing harmful energy from my life. The more I've learned about the power of self-love and compassion, the more I've realized that the challenges get harder the deeper you grow. For as your awareness and sensitivity to vibration heightens, your responsibility to make the right choices increases as well. So how does one navigate in a world full of opposing forces, while maintaining an inner balance? As someone who has definitely struggled with staying rooted, I've realized that it's so vital to understand what your boundaries are by listening to what your heart tells you. This delicate balance involves everything from diet, thoughts, speech, social media, and relationships, to pretty much everything you feed your consciousness and body. 

Examine your heart and ask yourself some fundamental questions: Who are you? Where did you come from? What is your purpose in life? Where are you going? And how are you going to get there? Once you align with your deep-seeded purpose, you can begin to visualize your path. It will require some shedding, lots of solitude, tears, and letting go in order to make way for rebirth and brighter opportunities. To allow for elevation, we must let go of everything that is weighing us down, including belief systems, thoughts, people, food, habits, and digital distortion. 

The Art of Letting Go

Letting it flow away. The Surrender. This is indeed an art. For the best way to ever release or leave a situation, is to always do so with grace. If you take a moment to truly reflect upon yourself from the inside out, and begin to see all the areas of your life that you wished to change, to let go of, they would all fall into the category of Body, Soul or Spirit. Ultimately everything physical stems from a spiritual root. But often times it's easier for people to see changes they make physically, as it hopefully works its way inward. Truth be told, it is more challenging to cleanse oneself from the inside out, but it's better to find the root of dis-ease in one's soul instead of treating the symptoms of the flesh first. It takes courage to be real with yourself and decide to make your life right by making some cuts and alterations to your day to day, but if your will is strong enough, you are designed to prevail. 

Digital Detox

If the 1st thing you do when you wake up in the morning is check your phone and plug right in, you might want to consider trying a digital detox. When you remove yourself from the programming of being so concerned with what's happening outside of you, you can begin to listen to the celestial network within you. You may find out that you have been feeding your consciousness ideas, images, and thoughts that have been polluting your soul without even knowing it. Sometimes completely detaching yourself from the internet for a set period of time is needed in order for you to understand how you want it to fit into your life in a healthy way. The moment I find myself more concerned with what's happening on a screen, instead of what's happening within me, it is an indicator that I have to fight to maintain my presence with spirit. It's a balance that's different for every body. So do whatever you need to do; unsubscribe, delete, or give yourself a time window every day for plugging in.. so that you can consciously let go and filter all the excess information in your life. Your soul will feel much clearer. 

Vibratory Fasting

This is a more general umbrella because vibration is everything. So the best way to approach a vibratory fast is to make a list of everything you want to rebalance or do without in your life, then focus on one particular area of yourself at a time that you want to re-tune. Usually what happens is your newfound balance will seep into the next area of your life and create a wave of positive changes, because everything is connected. When you fast from something, you are turning your heart away from that which you once fed on, and positioning it to face your authentic self in the eyes of The Creator. An example is fasting from negative self-perception. Every time you catch your vibration dipping by way of self-doubt or fear, you gotta trace back and find the root of the cause. What belief of yourself is causing you to think the way that you are? From there, you can counteract that belief with a more authentic affirmation, such as, "The divine spirit within me thrives and allows my true self to shine through. I am beautiful and capable!". Write whatever your affirmation is in your planner or on your bathroom mirror, repeat it to yourself like a mantra, or create a new pattern & vibration to replace the outdated ones. Improvise your way through. You may soon find that that which you fasted from is something you don't even desire anymore. But if you are simply fasting from something that you want to rebalance and don't mind having in your life, like drinking coffee for example, then taking a step away will help you understand how that vibration shapes your life, and help re-asses how to phase it into your life again in an ideal way. 

Lunar Cleansing Rituals

Every new, full, and quarter moon, I've began observing the sabbath to spend time in solitude with The Creator. There is something so special about living in rhythm with the moon that has allowed me to be in tune with the greater harmony of life. Every moon phase has a different type of energy, and I advise you to not read anything online about what to expect, but to just use your intuition and feel your way through so that you aren't being influenced by any other forces projecting mis-leading information online. 

I have some daily cleansing rituals that I do throughout the month, but on sabbaths, I like to do everything I can to rejuvenate myself from the inside out. First thing I do when I wake up is drink a huge room temperature glass of water with lime, cucumber, and mint to help hydrate my body from the night before, help cleanse my system, and wake up my senses. I then freestyle dance some yoga poses, get into a meditative state of mind, and return to prayer. I enter intimate dialogue with The Lord & then listen with my heart and see with my mind's eye. All day I make it a point to eat high vibration raw food, lots of greens with a well rounded colorful palette..  And then I discipline myself to not create music or art, because it is a day of rest and reflection. During this time you can observe silence or go out into nature and listen to the wisdom of the trees, or do whatever you need to do, to re-connect and re-evaluate your growth thus far since your last check in. I like to study scripture all throughout, so that my mind is filled with The Word of God, like feeding my soul true nutrition. Also, taking a bath with relaxing essential oils next to candlelight is the best, because water is one of the oldest sentient beings. Wash away everything you would like to cleanse from yourself, and explore new ways of connecting more deeply with the Divine Spirit within you. Remember, all your blessings were given to you by The Creator, so make it a point to sincerely express gratitude in your heart whenever you can. Oh yeah, and if it's a full moon, most definitely moon bathe with a cup of lavender tea ~*~ !

There are indeed more ways to cleanse oneself, with juice fasts, special diets, herbs, supplements, chanting, oils, and specific prayers.. But the beauty about this whole process is discovering your own preferences... dancing your way through the joy and pain of life with your own style and rhythm. Be kind to yourself. Give everything back to The Creator. And remember that you are meant to be here, you are loved, and you are so rare and absolutely radiant inside. Become the best version of yourself, and everyone who is meant to be in your life will understand, respect and support that journey. Shine on! 

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