summer solstice notes to self

it feels good to make whatever you want bc it was never about them in the first place

your art is your place to get free, u define the laws 

i'll take intangible authenticity over tangible familiarity any day 

be honest about what you do and do not fk with

but still see the beauty in all that is and has been

there's no rules about how many times u need to update the internet about ur life, u are on ur own organic timeline. u cannot fall behind or be ahead. stay present.

stop defining everything

the plants are indeed talking to you, just accept it already 

it's alright to abandon, resurrect and/or revise ur dreams

when u think abt ppl/things u don't like, u r dispersing ur energy unwisely. whenever u re-realize this, be thankful that u r learning. 

every distraction has an affirmation that blooms into a spiritual lesson

stay doin u, love is all there is. 



Low Leaf
DIY toothpaste + mouthwash

I know this photo looks funny, but it was really fun to make. ^_^ I been making my own toothpaste n mouthwash for a while now, and I finally landed on a lil recipe that I can get down with. It's all-natural, incredibly simple to make, and has such minimal ingredients that you most likely already have at home. 

Toothpaste Recipe

  • organic coconut oil 
  • pure baking soda 
  • 7-10 drops of peppermint essential oil 
  • 3-4 drops of clove essential oil 
  • 3-5 drops of tea tree oil
  • a reusable glass jar with a lid

I used equal parts coconut oil to pure baking soda stirred up with a spoon; you should end up with a toothpastey type texture. Then I just added essential oils to my taste, n stirred it all together even more. I love this because I use the same glass jar that lasts me for months, and just refill it when I want to make more. Plus when you travel, u can just use an old mini jar instead of buying travel size toothpaste that's labeled 'all-natural' but has all this other extra stuff in it (who knows wut it actually is). Also, depending on how big ur container is, you may need more or less essential oils // experiment! Also, if you didn't know, clove oil is super spicy, so, if you ain't bout it, then straight peppermint is coo. It's just sooo good for u n ya oral health, so I fux wit it. 

Mouthwash Recipe

  • filtered water
  • 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of himalayan salt
  • 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of pure baking soda
  • 3 drops of clove essential oil
  • 5 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • a reusable glass bottle with a cap

I just found an old glass bottle that I took home with me back when I used to buy cold press juice. (I own a cold-press juicer at home now, and I highly recommend getting one cuz it's super worth it.. health is wealth) Anyway, I filled up the jar with water 9/10 of the way, added the salt and baking soda, shook it up, added the essential oils, and shook it even more while thinking about cleansing thoughts. Ey, water holds energy, so anytime I'm dealing with liquids, I stay mindful. You can add more essential oils if it tastes too salty for u, but just use ur judgment depending on how big ur re-usable bottle is! 


In the past I experimented with different essential oils, earth clay, activated charcoal, and all this other stuff trying to find what worked for me, and this is where I landed. Coconut oil can also be used for oil pulling, but honestly, I'm not that patient enough to swish oil in my mouth without accidentally swallowing it for 20 mins every day. So this is a way I try to get around it. My mouth has never felt cleaner, and I admittedly get excited to brush my teeth cuz I get to use my lil concoctions every day, yeee! Zero waste, natural ingredients, better for u, better for the earth! Try it out!! 


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mini transmissions

in regards to music, let it be what it wants to be

in regards to being, let urself be what u want to be

as far as life, let it do that thing to u

no resistance

u cannot lose that which belongs to you

and this applies to ur soul, ur light, ur boundlessness

Low Leaf

Venus is in retrograde and I feel the desire once again to withdraw, self-reflect, and strip away all that is not of love. I've come to realize that I have still been bound by the opinions of others, the fear of my actions being interpreted as offensive, and being misunderstood. But what happens when one's desire to understand outweighs the desire to be understood? Perhaps no one will ever understand why we do the things that we do to get free. Sometimes self-love looks like walking away from a social situation, not answering phone calls n emails, walking barefoot when you feel like it anywhere/anytime, wearing your hair wild, dressing how you actually feel, dancing to the music in ur head, revising your dreams, letting relationships be, crying in the presence of a yellow asiatic lily, singing to yourself in public places as a means to staying tapped into a more desirable frequency, shit.... We truly don't have to justify our actions n who we are to other people, but sometimes we do bc we care for others around us. Ultimately, it is not our responsibility to please others, and try to make others feel comfortable if our freedom n presence begins to trigger people's deep rooted insecurities. I've put my own discomfort aside so that peace would prevail.... But this, this is not an act of love and true peace, and this violates a deep written contract to myself in my soul. Untying these unconscious self-hindering beliefs and conditioned mindsets is a part of uncovering the me within that I've been holding back from releasing in full expression. Along the way, I will make mistakes, I will be misunderstood, I will be disliked, I will fail, maybe even regret... But these are all risks I am willing to take at the cost of living in alignment with my truest self; and as I continue to ascend, I find that ancient souls enter (or re-enter) my life that are a closer vibrational match to who I am and where I'm going. With all love and respect acknowledged to the karmic souls that enter and exit our lives synchronistic with the cycles of nature, I will keep evolving until I set my fiery soul free and ablaze like the purple plasmic star that I am.

And so it is... Those who can see my magic and beauty can only perceive me in true authenticity once they've realized their own magic and beauty and radiance within.  We notice the qualities in others that we are most resonant with, for the world is literally your hearts reflection. I choose to see the love in all, even those who have hurt me in the past intentionally n unintentionally. It's all good, because every single experience up until this point has led me to a beautiful place of cultivation and has strengthened my relationship with The Creator... And maybe us letting go will allow others to let go too.. so I am thankful, for it all returns to Love... 


May we all truly live and let live.. 

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auora tribe

It's taken me a while to be in the right state of being n write about this precious gift that has helped me during one of the hardest times of my existence. I used to think that all things were inherently neutral and meaningless, and it was people's intentions that gave things life. But I believe all things are already expressing life, and the consciousness that weaves, molds, and manifests something into creation, is what gives every thing it's own unique energetic quality.

This is my one and only mala, one that I wear nearly every day. It has been my tool in times of crisis, and a treasure I keep close to my chest when I roam the world. When I first received this in the mail, I was overwhelmed with such high vibrations upon opening the box it came in. The scent of roses activated cellular excitement throughout my body, and I felt the intricate love and care that went into the piece. The wooden beads smelled of sandalwood, and holding the mala in my hands literally brought me pure happiness; I squealed with joy. I immediately tested out the energy and meditated for a bit, repeating the simple mantra, "I am love"... A few minutes later I was lifted, and left hovering in a state of mellow tranquility and gratitude.. 

Now, I didn't realize this until 2 weeks later, but it was no coincidence that I was to own this mala before a very unfortunate day. One morning, my parents got into a huge car accident bc a woman ran a red light, and as a result, my dad broke his hip. Suddenly my entire family's life shifted and were spending the 1st few weeks of December in the hospital every day while my dad was in the ICU recovering from surgery. Whenever I had a moment to myself, I would hold my mala, reciting prayers and mantras of hope, strength, and healing for my dad. I honestly don't think I've ever prayed so hard in my life, and absolutely abandoned all sense of self. All my energy and strength and faith was being put into the hands of God, to transfer over to help my dad heal. If I didn't have this mala at the time, I honestly believe my prayers would have been rhythmless, scattered, un-unified. . . But bc the mala had brought me such elevation before the accident, I held onto it as a reminder, as a symbol of hope, as a lighthouse and tool, to weave my vibration and thoughts into a higher state of calmness and support for my family.  

Prayer beads are powerful tools to help entrain and attune the mind to The Creator. Often times people find it hard to meditate bc they are watching their thoughts bounce from one image and feeling to the next. Using a mala and being able to create my own mantra is a little shortcut to cleanse lower vibrations, and tune myself up throughout the day. Purified intentions n thoughts spoken into words, released through voice, into the atmosphere, creating momentum and higher realities. . . ~*~ it's quite amazing how much power our hearts have. 

What's interesting is that I've owned a few malas in the past, and none of them seemed to be alive, as this particular one was. I selected it out of a Chakra collection created by Aurora Tribe. The heart chakra mala resonated with me so deeply bc I had been meditating on the power of love for the past few months. Each of these malas come with special incense, and is hand knotted with beautiful bead stones vibrating for that particular energy center. The woman who makes these is such a gentle and caring soul, it is truly an honor to have connected with her in this way. 

Now.... this isn't just a post trying to 'promote a product', because this isn't a product for mere consumption, fashion, or aesthetic. Also, I've become somewhat of a minimalist this past year, and don't own a single thing that I don't use or love. I just wanted to share my beautiful experience with this sacred piece, because quite frankly, I use my mala to teleport.. It is a symbol of my inner light, and how my soul is forever connected to The Creator. And I personally believe that that is the deeper purpose behind the name "Aurora Tribe".  So if you're reading this, and hear any voice inside your heart that sparks an interest in these special prayer tools, I highly suggest you gift one to yourself or a loved one. I know I'll cherish mine for the rest of my days. 

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self-love, cutting soul ties, & tilling the soil for new growth

It took me 25 years to realize that I had not known what it was to truly love when I was looking into the eyes of my soul mate ~ and saw that the love that I was capable of extending to him was limited to the depth at which I knew how to love myself. Ever since then, countless lessons have come into my path in various forms, blessing me with painful reflections in order to show me what areas within myself still needed healing and love. 

s e l f - l o v e

Your relationship to yourself, determines the quality of the relationships that you attract in your life. Anyone that claims that they love another, cannot truly do so, until they know what it is to love oneself. Self-love is understanding that you Are Love itself. Therefore, love yourself. To fall in love with love, is to actually fall in love with The Creator. And since our true nature is love, you can see the goodness and love in all people, regardless of if they are meant to be in your life ~ it is a fundamental step towards compassion. When you know how to care for yourself, you can balance your wholeness, and share it with others abundantly. Only someone that has not discovered the love within themselves yet can ridicule and distort another person's self-love as self-absorption. Have compassion for them, for they have not the capacity to understand yet. Often times, empathic people need solitude in order to do this soul work, so do what you must in order to balance yourself from the inside out. It is important to remember that there is no need to explain yourself to other people, unless you want to. I've wasted so much time in the past trying to explain myself to others, only to realize that i needed to stop apologizing for who i was, and who i was becoming. For the people that are meant to walk with you on this soul journey already understand, because they too are doing the work. 

k a r m i c  c o n t r a c t s 

As your vibration becomes more defined and expansive, you may soon find that certain relationships are no longer healthy for you because they do not resonate at the frequency of love that you have modulated to. There are many signs that show when your karmic contract with another soul has expired. Pay attention to how you feel when you share the same space with them, and how you feel afterwards because your body will tell you. If there has not been an equal exchange, or if you continually find yourself feeling tired, stressed, or uncomfortable around somebody, this could either be pointing to an area within yourself that you need to rebalance, or it may be a sign that there is something within this person's energetic field that does not agree with yours any longer. The biggest lesson I've learned about this, is to trust my intuition. I've had so many friendships that sailed nowhere because I ignored my intuition about somebody, in hopes that asserting love would lead the way to a beautiful relationship..  Although they may be 'good people', our karmic contracts do not allow for our souls to vibrate at close proximity in harmony. Understanding the nature of this deep energetic balance is key to knowing who to keep inside your sacred circle, for not everyone belongs there. Those who do, will share in your creative ethers because similar atoms group together. Ironically, the more spaced out your circle is, the closer and more deeper your connections truly are... for they transcend distance and time. 

t i l l i n g  t h e  s o i l  for new growth

When cutting soul ties, it's so vital to be very clear in your intentions of being ready to let go. Expressing sincere gratitude seals any holes in your energetic field that may allow that energy to come back into your life. If it returns, see it as an opportunity to redefine your vibration and to make your soular spectrum whole, so that you are resonating at your fullest expression. When you are aligned with your most authentic frequency, you are actually tuning into your divine self. We all have access, for we all share this divine heritage. Once you pass those tests and affirm that you are ready to move forward, the karmic cycle is released. It is then that you must state your prayer clearly to The Creator. Be specific about of what kind of new relationships you want to attract, and be conscious of what you ask for. The people that show up in your life, and the people that have been there all along, will always reflect aspects of yourself. We are all here to reflect each other and help each other evolve. So learn when to create, and when to gracefully destroy .:. when to be together, and when to be alone .:.  when to grow alongside someone, and when to let go ..:.. all in the name of love. 

Stay prayerful. Stay faithful. Stay true. 

Low Leaf
the gift

every day i make the choice to follow the call of my heart. at times i am surrounded by complete support and encouragement. other times i am alone. it is then that i begin to listen to the whispers of the wind.

today i went for a walk through the hills and saw a new bridge in the distance i had never seen. i thought this was perhaps a metaphor for all the transitions happening in my life, and the impending rebirth i feel myself approaching any lunar cycle now. i rushed towards it, took a deep breath and walked across it, expecting to feel a surge of energy, but felt nothing. i decided to turn right. realizing i had yet again decided to go on an impromptu hike while wearing my inappropriate but trusty slips, i took em off and decided to walk barefoot in the dusty dirt bc i wanted to feel the temperature of the warmed earth. i looked at the sun and shielded my face, for i seem to have inherited an insecurity of skin damage from the collective consciousness, but then let my hand down because i've actually grown to love my freckles; they are literally skin constellations. for some reason i thought to just turn around bc i was tapping into too much mental chatter.. but almost immediately the wind blew in the direction i had been walking, so i just kept going.. i felt there was a treasure close by. 

now, i'll be honest.. i didn't walk much further on, bc i found what i was looking for a few yards ahead. these glowing green antennae nearly waved at me to come close. i examined them with curiosity, and somehow, as i stood at a specific angle in space and time, i shifted into a portal of heightened awareness.. the type of high that i wished to reach when i used to smoke herb daily. inside this head/heart space, i am conscious of how all plant life surrounding me is incredibly aware of my presence, and sensitive to my thoughts.. every moment is an interaction, an exchange, a conversation. i looked at the bridge behind me, and began to perceive the same landscape many generations ago, much greener, untouched. running water once flowed through the hills when the native americans inhabited the land. and perhaps another me in another time once stood exactly where i was standing.. seeking a sign. comfort. inspiration. perhaps the feeling that i was feeling. i wondered if an ancient me left a message for my future self right then and (t)here. then i understood it was true, and the transmission was real. i retrieved the gift, squinted my eyes, and smiled as i bowed my head.. for when we are most present, it is clear, that true presence, is the future and the past all at once. timelessness is presence. the wind gently wrapped my body and whispered, 'you are exactly where you are meant to be'. this was the treasure i had been looking to find ~ the energetic gem that my heart compass unfailingly led me to.

gratitude deeply settled in. 

i took my phone out to capture this moment for myself, and to my surprise, right before my eyes was my metaphysical bridge of light. 

                                                                  t h a n k  y o u 

                                                                  t h a n k  y o u 

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Dame's Body Care Essentials...

I recently had the blessing of coming across a body care line that was perfectly made for the conscious divine being of our time. Upon using Dame Body, I've noticed my skin feeling softer, healthier, and smelling divine. All the ingredients are 100% natural, and hand crafted in small batches to ensure that each product has as much love infused into it, as the ingredients are activated with natural healing properties. I've had the pleasure of using Dame Body's Body Scrub + Dame Body Oil, and I truly cannot rave enough about how amazing they smell and make me feel! 

Lemongrass & Sunshine Body Scrub INGREDIENTS: Himalayan crystal salt, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, baobab oil, reshape seed oil, aloe oil, lemongrass essential oil blend, lemon/orange peels, apricot/walnut seeds Dame Nectar Body Oil INGREDIENTS: sunflower oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e, with a blend of calyx & white rose oil

Lemongrass & Sunshine Body Scrub INGREDIENTS: Himalayan crystal salt, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, baobab oil, reshape seed oil, aloe oil, lemongrass essential oil blend, lemon/orange peels, apricot/walnut seeds

Dame Nectar Body Oil INGREDIENTS: sunflower oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e, with a blend of calyx & white rose oil

After cleansing with black soap in the shower, I love to prime myself with The Dame Body Scrub in Lemongrass & Sunshine. It's gentle enough to use everyday, provides just the right amount of exfoliation, and leaves your skin hydrated & well-nourished without feeling greasy. All the energetic measurements are well thought out and balanced just right. After patting down from the shower, I use Dame Body Oil while my skin is still damp and my pores are still open to lock in moisture. It truly feels like you are rubbing the nectar of white rose petals all over your body, while evoking high vibrations from the inside out.

There is something so magical about the healing power of natural aromas. When you love the way something smells, it's an intuitive very primal-like knowing that you don't have to question. You inhale the very essence of creation, and in a sense, begin to embody the beauty of that very thing. Upon smelling & indulging in the entire collection, every scent transported me to a different state of being that made feel so genuinely beautiful, light-hearted, and happy. Body oils that align me with my inner joy? I'm in! An extra bonus is that Dame Body is affordable. So you don't have to compromise being on a budget while still wanting access to high quality natural ingredients to honor yourself with. The only side effects are that your skin's natural glow will be undeniably radiant & people may compliment you on how beautiful you smell! ~*~  Vibrate on! 

If you want to take your self care routine to the next level, I highly suggest checking out Dame Body, located in Hollywood, CA.  You're bound to find the perfect scent that aligns with the glorious being that you are! For more info, check out ..

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Gratitude for Breakfast

When you wake up and feel deep gratitude in your heart for another day, another chance to be alive, to create, and to be who you are, you open up a beautiful portal within your soul to receive the abundance that is beckoning to meet you. It seems to be a spiritual key to unlocking any lower vibration that may be blocking us from resonating at our highest expression. When you say "thank you" you are inviting more goodness into your life, more reasons to be thankful in the first place. When you say "no thank you" you close doors to what could become. In the morning, as you are making breakfast, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, making your bed, the inner mantra behind all actions should be gratitude. Your energetic field will light up, your cells will radiate more vibrantly, you will perceive your reality with the eye of your heart.

See yourself as you truly are; a masterpiece of The Creator. See your life as it truly is; a beautiful infinite spectrum of love's variation. How great and wonderful it truly is to be alive, awake, anew!!! Thank you!  

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Digital Detoxing, Vibratory Fasting & Lunar Cleansing Rituals

I wanted to write a personal post about the different soular cleansing methods that I have found are useful for clearing harmful energy from my life. The more I've learned about the power of self-love and compassion, the more I've realized that the challenges get harder the deeper you grow. For as your awareness and sensitivity to vibration heightens, your responsibility to make the right choices increases as well. So how does one navigate in a world full of opposing forces, while maintaining an inner balance? As someone who has definitely struggled with staying rooted, I've realized that it's so vital to understand what your boundaries are by listening to what your heart tells you. This delicate balance involves everything from diet, thoughts, speech, social media, and relationships, to pretty much everything you feed your consciousness and body. 

Examine your heart and ask yourself some fundamental questions: Who are you? Where did you come from? What is your purpose in life? Where are you going? And how are you going to get there? Once you align with your deep-seeded purpose, you can begin to visualize your path. It will require some shedding, lots of solitude, tears, and letting go in order to make way for rebirth and brighter opportunities. To allow for elevation, we must let go of everything that is weighing us down, including belief systems, thoughts, people, food, habits, and digital distortion. 

The Art of Letting Go

Letting it flow away. The Surrender. This is indeed an art. For the best way to ever release or leave a situation, is to always do so with grace. If you take a moment to truly reflect upon yourself from the inside out, and begin to see all the areas of your life that you wished to change, to let go of, they would all fall into the category of Body, Soul or Spirit. Ultimately everything physical stems from a spiritual root. But often times it's easier for people to see changes they make physically, as it hopefully works its way inward. Truth be told, it is more challenging to cleanse oneself from the inside out, but it's better to find the root of dis-ease in one's soul instead of treating the symptoms of the flesh first. It takes courage to be real with yourself and decide to make your life right by making some cuts and alterations to your day to day, but if your will is strong enough, you are designed to prevail. 

Digital Detox

If the 1st thing you do when you wake up in the morning is check your phone and plug right in, you might want to consider trying a digital detox. When you remove yourself from the programming of being so concerned with what's happening outside of you, you can begin to listen to the celestial network within you. You may find out that you have been feeding your consciousness ideas, images, and thoughts that have been polluting your soul without even knowing it. Sometimes completely detaching yourself from the internet for a set period of time is needed in order for you to understand how you want it to fit into your life in a healthy way. The moment I find myself more concerned with what's happening on a screen, instead of what's happening within me, it is an indicator that I have to fight to maintain my presence with spirit. It's a balance that's different for every body. So do whatever you need to do; unsubscribe, delete, or give yourself a time window every day for plugging in.. so that you can consciously let go and filter all the excess information in your life. Your soul will feel much clearer. 

Vibratory Fasting

This is a more general umbrella because vibration is everything. So the best way to approach a vibratory fast is to make a list of everything you want to rebalance or do without in your life, then focus on one particular area of yourself at a time that you want to re-tune. Usually what happens is your newfound balance will seep into the next area of your life and create a wave of positive changes, because everything is connected. When you fast from something, you are turning your heart away from that which you once fed on, and positioning it to face your authentic self in the eyes of The Creator. An example is fasting from negative self-perception. Every time you catch your vibration dipping by way of self-doubt or fear, you gotta trace back and find the root of the cause. What belief of yourself is causing you to think the way that you are? From there, you can counteract that belief with a more authentic affirmation, such as, "The divine spirit within me thrives and allows my true self to shine through. I am beautiful and capable!". Write whatever your affirmation is in your planner or on your bathroom mirror, repeat it to yourself like a mantra, or create a new pattern & vibration to replace the outdated ones. Improvise your way through. You may soon find that that which you fasted from is something you don't even desire anymore. But if you are simply fasting from something that you want to rebalance and don't mind having in your life, like drinking coffee for example, then taking a step away will help you understand how that vibration shapes your life, and help re-asses how to phase it into your life again in an ideal way. 

Lunar Cleansing Rituals

Every new, full, and quarter moon, I've began observing the sabbath to spend time in solitude with The Creator. There is something so special about living in rhythm with the moon that has allowed me to be in tune with the greater harmony of life. Every moon phase has a different type of energy, and I advise you to not read anything online about what to expect, but to just use your intuition and feel your way through so that you aren't being influenced by any other forces projecting mis-leading information online. 

I have some daily cleansing rituals that I do throughout the month, but on sabbaths, I like to do everything I can to rejuvenate myself from the inside out. First thing I do when I wake up is drink a huge room temperature glass of water with lime, cucumber, and mint to help hydrate my body from the night before, help cleanse my system, and wake up my senses. I then freestyle dance some yoga poses, get into a meditative state of mind, and return to prayer. I enter intimate dialogue with The Lord & then listen with my heart and see with my mind's eye. All day I make it a point to eat high vibration raw food, lots of greens with a well rounded colorful palette..  And then I discipline myself to not create music or art, because it is a day of rest and reflection. During this time you can observe silence or go out into nature and listen to the wisdom of the trees, or do whatever you need to do, to re-connect and re-evaluate your growth thus far since your last check in. I like to study scripture all throughout, so that my mind is filled with The Word of God, like feeding my soul true nutrition. Also, taking a bath with relaxing essential oils next to candlelight is the best, because water is one of the oldest sentient beings. Wash away everything you would like to cleanse from yourself, and explore new ways of connecting more deeply with the Divine Spirit within you. Remember, all your blessings were given to you by The Creator, so make it a point to sincerely express gratitude in your heart whenever you can. Oh yeah, and if it's a full moon, most definitely moon bathe with a cup of lavender tea ~*~ !

There are indeed more ways to cleanse oneself, with juice fasts, special diets, herbs, supplements, chanting, oils, and specific prayers.. But the beauty about this whole process is discovering your own preferences... dancing your way through the joy and pain of life with your own style and rhythm. Be kind to yourself. Give everything back to The Creator. And remember that you are meant to be here, you are loved, and you are so rare and absolutely radiant inside. Become the best version of yourself, and everyone who is meant to be in your life will understand, respect and support that journey. Shine on! 

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Living Libations Essentials

There are a ton of beauty lines out there that claim to be natural, but are not as they appear to be. I've had to truly dig, research, and sift through all these 'eco-friendly' brands, knowing that there must be a beauty line out there that was made with the same love, wisdom, and deep rooted respect that I have for Mother Earth and life itself. That being said, when I discovered Living Libations, I knew I had come across exactly what I had been hoping to find. Their entire repertoire looked incredible, almost too good to be true. But after using a handful of Living Libations products, I can whole heartedly say, that my entire life has began to transform to a higher vibration and state of living.

These high quality, 100% authentic botanical oils and healing elixirs must be experienced to be understood, because no other oils in the entire world has made me shift frequencies upon inhalation. Upon doing further research I found that there is no actual regulations set in place for what can be labeled as 'therapeutic grade' essential oils, and one can only discern between them based on background checking the source. I was pleased to find that this company is truly what they appear to be. The pure healing properties of these plants will begin an inner dialogue with your cells and spirit. There's no point in looking elsewhere, Living Libations is the truth.. Here are some of my favorite essentials: 

INGREDIENTS: Blue Tansy essential oil

INGREDIENTS: Blue Tansy essential oil

Blue Tansy :: When I 1st smelled this essential oil, my entire body chemistry changed the way it does when I discover something new in music. I was instantly transported to a familiar aquatic forest that I wanted to dwell in forever. The type of sweet yet sophisticated smell you can't help but surrender to. I believe this oil was meant for me! I anoint myself with blue tansy every single morning on my wrists, heart and throat chakra, as it immediately harmonizes my emotions, and promotes focus that I can carry on throughout the day. It keeps my vibration in a high place, & I use it to keep my energetic field pure and balanced. I bring this with me wherever I go. 

INGREDIENTS: Frankincense, Myrrh, Goldenrod essential oils

INGREDIENTS: Frankincense, Myrrh, Goldenrod essential oils

Epiphany Elixir :: This glorious chrism immediately rooted itself into my creation rituals and has been a catalyst for some ancient sounds I have been channeling in the studio lately. A perfect blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Goldenrod, this elixir literally activates my intuitive senses, opening portals of creativity and playfully coaxing an abstract type of clarity that every artist, healer, and moon woman taps into when she is in complete alignment with the cosmos and her heart. I anoint myself with this oil around my forehead and crown chakra before I begin creating music and art, because it stimulates my entire body, soul and spirit. 

INGREDIENTS: organic fresh aloe vera, rosehips; jojoba herbal infusions: calendula, comfrey, grapefruit, roses, horsetail, rosehips; essences of: seabuckthorn, rose, schizandra berry, neroli, frankincense, immortelle carrot, lemon, geranium; sage, rosemary antixoidants

INGREDIENTS: organic fresh aloe vera, rosehips; jojoba herbal infusions: calendula, comfrey, grapefruit, roses, horsetail, rosehips; essences of: seabuckthorn, rose, schizandra berry, neroli, frankincense, immortelle carrot, lemon, geranium; sage, rosemary antixoidants

Rose Cellular Renewal & Frankincense Firming Fluid :: I finally finally finally found a pure moisturizer I can use every day and night on my face and not break out! First off, like all Living Libations, this smelled absolutely divine. And to actually be able to apply this to your face is an absolutely nourishing gift to the skin of vibratory nutrition.  Using this product has made me want to wear as least amount of makeup as possible because I feel myself glowing from the inside out which is something that many beauty lines strive to do, but can't achieve because their ingredients aren't as natural as they claim to be. I have to apply it quick with my palms because it dries quite fast, but leaves my skin moisturized and completely nourished enough to withstand these cold winter months, yet light enough to be worn during the summer. It's a miracle fluid, that I will be using for the rest of my life because I just don't want anything to cover the natural glow of my skin, and these oils truly bring out the best in it.


INGREDIENTS: jojoba, olive, seabuckthorn, happy bee's wax, rose otto, neroli, lavender, immortelle, carrot, ginger, cinnamon, peppermint, cayenne, turmeric, stoneroot

INGREDIENTS: jojoba, olive, seabuckthorn, happy bee's wax, rose otto, neroli, lavender, immortelle, carrot, ginger, cinnamon, peppermint, cayenne, turmeric, stoneroot

Maiden Fern Blushing Balm :: If there was only one piece of makeup I had to choose to wear for the rest of my life, this would be it. But I can't even consider this 'makeup' bc it feels like so much more than that. You can dab some on your cheek bones, and begin to feel the ingredients activate the blood vessels in your cheeks, so that you begin to blush in your natural hue. It also doubles as a lip balm that sends a sweet yet spicy tingle across your mouth, and makes your lips smell and feel effortlessly luscious. One of the pluses with Living Libations is that literally all of their products smell incredible. I find myself time traveling every time I use a libation. 

SEABUCKTHORN CINNAMON INGREDIENTS: organic jojoba, beeswax, seabuckthorn, schizandra, blood orange, vanilla, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon essential oils CHOCOLATE MOCA INGREDIENTS: golden jojoba oil, beeswax, ground cacao infused with vanilla, lemon, chamomile, and coffee essential oils

SEABUCKTHORN CINNAMON INGREDIENTS: organic jojoba, beeswax, seabuckthorn, schizandra, blood orange, vanilla, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon essential oils

CHOCOLATE MOCA INGREDIENTS: golden jojoba oil, beeswax, ground cacao infused with vanilla, lemon, chamomile, and coffee essential oils

Lovers Lips / Seabuckthorn Cinnamon + Chocolate Moca :: I admit I threw away all of my other 'natural' chapsticks from brands I won't name, once I started using these.. The ingredients are simple, clean, and they actually moisturize my lips without that drying effect from every chapstick I've ever used in my life that beckons for reapplication. I like using the Seabuckthorn Cinnamon joint in the morning because the smell is spicy, sweet, and bold~ It also makes my lips blush! But when I'm in the mood for something more mellow and comforting, I use the Chocolate Moca because it feels creamy and smooth, leaving my lips completely nourished and conditioned.

If you are trying to make some healthier choices for your entire being that are aligned with your life credo, here is a path..  Living Libations has the highest quality of plant based products that I have ever come across, which is why they are the brand I had to share with you 1st . I'll definitely be posting more reviews in the future, but in the meantime, check out the links above to seek some out for yourself! 

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Natural Oils for Glowing Skin & Healthy Hair

After years of wasting money trying out various skin & hair products from different toxic and all natural companies, I've found that I don't need as much as I thought I did. I truly prefer creating my own concoctions because I can research ingredients, and customize what works best for me. I now have a humble collection of natural oils that are versatile enough to be used in the in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and for traveling. While there is a vast array of different oils with infinite health benefits, here are 2 oils that I use often to keep my skin healthy, and my hair antenna activated n flowing.. 

Virgin Coconut Oil

If I could had to choose 1 oil to use for the rest of my life out of all the wonderful natural oils in the world, I would choose Virgin Coconut Oil because it is highly medicinal, therapeutic, and healthy for you inside and out. It is anti-viral, anti-fungal, boosts your immune system, anti-inflammatory, full of anti-oxidants, and it gives and gives. Besides cooking with it every day, and oil pulling in the morning after I brush my teeth, I love to use coconut oil on my skin and in my hair. 

Hair:  For daily treatment, after I shower I'll rub a dime size amount into my palms onto my damp hair, and run my fingers through my strands, twisting down onto the ends. This does well for detangling and conditioning dry ends. // Once every 2-3 weeks I'll do a deep conditioning with coconut oil by mixing it with half a lime (for dat glossy shine), or 10 drops of rosemary essential oil (to promote hair growth). I then massage it into my scalp (to prevent dandruff) down to the end of my strands, and leave it in a tied up bun for 20 minutes or however long I please. Afterwards, I thoroughly shampoo it out and often times won't need to condition. Finally I finger comb my strands or use a wooden brush when I'm in a rush, and let it air dry, never blow dry. 

SkinApplying coconut oil on your body after the shower locks the moisture inside your skin. It is one of the best remedies for dry skin next to shea butter. When I don't have much time to lather on shea butter, I'll opt for coconut oil, especially during the summer months because it spreads quickly and leaves a natural shine on my legs.  I like to set aside a mini spray bottle, and mix 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil into coconut oil for it's relaxation effects. I'll usually rub some coconut oil on my skin before bed during my evening meditations/prayers because it helps me enter a calmed state of being and stimulates my bodily senses and aids in activating my higher chakras. 

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is produced from the seed of the jojoba shrub which grows native to northwestern Mexico, Arizona, and southern California. What makes jojoba oil unique from other oils is that it is chemically and structurally very similar to the human sebum. (If your skin has too much sebum, you'll probably have acne, if your skin has too little sebum, you'll probably have dry, cracked skin). It is a more lightweight oil that is full of Vitamin E, so it is widely known for it's health benefits for the skin!

Skin: I use jojoba oil to remove all my makeup, as it is a safe and healthy alternative to any chemical product you can buy. It is also the lightest oil I've ever come across, so it doesn't leave a sticky residue behind. Because it is non-toxic, non-comedogenic, and non-allergenic, you won't experience any allergic reactions, and it won't clog your pores. You can safely use it as an oil cleanser if you do that sort of thing, as it will remove all impurities from you face. It can even be used as treatment for scars and stretch marks, cuticle oil, and as a shaving gel.

Hair: Jojoba oil is so beneficial for your hair, no matter if you have greasy hair, dry hair, or are suffering from hair loss, there is an answer in jojoba oil. You can use it by mixing it into your shampoo as a cleanser, or mixing it into your conditioner for moisturizing because it helps control the sebum production in the scalp, clearing out clogged pores, and promoting hair growth. I created my own hair oil to bring with me wherever I go by combining jojoba oil with coconut oil, a bit of aloe vera, and some essential oils like Jasmine, Palo Santo, and Lavender for auric cleansing and protection. A little goes a long way, so it lasts for a long time! 

Pray over your oils. 

It's extremely important to be mindful of the thoughts that you are having while you cleanse and nourish yourself with these oils. For just as you 'lock in moisture' into your hair and body, you are also locking in the ideas, images, and words into your psyche that you will carry with you during the rest of your day. As you bless the oils and honor the process of using them, you will invite sacredness into your daily rituals, a space for you to anoint yourself, release, and create your destiny. You can find peace and draw energy from the source (The Divine Creator) of these oils because of where they come from, how they were made, and how the healing ingredients in them are natural. After 2 weeks of experimenting with some of these oils, you will find what works best for you and realize how versatile they are, that they will replaces all old products that you once used.  Let that inner sun glow! 

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Self-Love, Black Soap, n Shea Butter

Welcome to my new holistic beauty blog R E S I L I E N C E.

In 2013 I went on a holistic detox from everything in my life that was perpetuating impurities on a spiritual and physical level. From my diet, actions, thoughts, & speech, to the makeup and beauty products I would use on my body, I emptied myself of all. Since then I've slowly began restructuring my path, voting with my dollar, and seeking out new ways to allow myself to glow from the inside out.. From creating my own cleansing rituals, shifting my perception of beauty, and using products that were void of any ingredients I couldn't pronounce, I wanted to only use products that were made with natural earth components, minerals, and most importantly love..  The physical body is only a fractal of a reflection of your true beauty that resides within.. And the biggest component to accessing your full expression of beauty is Love.. For once you begin to purify and explore the various ways that you can love yourself in full acceptance, this divine love and humility will begin to expand in all areas of your life. And to truly exude this resilience is to return to your roots, to return to your true state of being.. Natural. Simple. Beautiful. 

The day I discovered Black Soap & Raw Shea Butter, was the day I got rid of all of my artificially scented body butters, soaps, and various facial cleansers that I had been collecting since High School.. Cleansing your bathroom of old products and energetic buildup is imperative to renewing and activating this sacred space. Your bathroom is where you relieve, rejuvenate, restore, and rebirth your being. You must maintain the cleanliness of this space with sunlight, plants, and lots of airflow so that you can begin each day ready to beautify your body temple!


Ingredients: cocoa pod ashes, dried plantain skins, and palm oil  

The authentic black soap that I recommend is imported from Ghana and made from locally harvested ingredients which has no artificial scents, preservatives or chemicals, and is 100% natural! Aside from it's pure ingredients, it is the BEST soap I've ever used in my life, that I actually use it as a facial cleanser as well. It is known to help relieve various skin issues such as eczema, rosacea, acne, clear blemishes, and leaves your skin with a purified glow. Because of this, black soap will cleanse out all the oils on your face, so it's best to use it with a natural toner, and  moisturizer. When I go on tour, this is an absolute essential that helps ground me, and brings me back home wherever I go. 


Ingredients: Fat extracted from the nuts of the African Shea Tree

Shea butter is naturally rich in Vitamins A, E, and F, has SPF 6, and is one of the best healing moisturizers for your skin. It can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, sunburns, skin allergies, insect bites, and has been proven to promote and speed the healing of wounds. Shea butter is also gentle enough to be used as a facial moisturizer. It is an essential must have for me whenever I am traveling because it protects your skin from all kinds of weather conditions. I prefer the raw white form because it comes unscented, and has no added oils to it. That way, you can add your own essential oil blends to small amounts of the butter later on if you so desire. 

Both of these items are extremely affordable, and have such amazing benefits for your skin, that you should bless yourself by giving em a try. Plus, you'll be able to support the hands that created the butter and soap instead of supporting a big corporation that doesn't care for your health or preserving Mother Earth. I recommend that you buy Raw Black Soap and Shea Butter online from a local shop that I go to called Shades of Africa. And if you're in Southern California, visit them in Long Beach!

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