In the Spring of 2015 I began holding public experimental group sound baths on every full moon called VIBRATORY HEALING. Combining 7 crystal chakra singing bowls, the electric harp, and vocal toning, I explored harmonizing others to a state of inner peace by way of spiritual entrainment. Each gathering taught me something greatly significant about the delicacies and energetic laws of healing through the power of vibration. I witnessed some people truly tapping into the Divine within, and shift their life paths. because everyone is at a different part of their soul journey, i decided to hold private sound baths instead, & preserve this sacred practice. in this way, each individual can receive the necessary pure focused healing transmissions needed. 


If you are interested in booking a private sound healing session for more intimate attuning, please fill out this form and explain your intentions. 



$250 for 1 person . $400 for 2-3 people max. 

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