All creation in the universe is a single note in the symphony of life's eternal song. You are a spirit with a soul inside a body; you are an ever-changing expression of The Creator. Understanding the interconnectedness that we have to each other and all creation, is a key to unlocking the abundance of life itself, and living our lives as music.

   On this physical plane, I strive to be a vessel for our Creator. I am deeply inspired by the creator's mysterious ways, the language of the trees. indigenous cultures around the world, the spirit of wisdom, holistic health, conscious living, sustainable habitats, the Do-It-Yourself lifestyle, realms that are unseen but felt, unearthing the mystery of my filipino blood, and remembering my spiritual heritage. Composed of vibrations, together we can form a wave of peace that will rhythmically multiply itself throughout future generations to come on the New Earth. i am here to help ignite the spiritual revolution that's been waiting to resurface inside our blood. 



     LA native Low Leaf is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and producer. Rooted in classical piano since early childhood, she combines an array of genres by playing the electric harp, piano, guitar, singing, and making beats. Her self-taught harp and production skills give way for a more unrestricted and unique sound, ever-changing in a spectrum of its own.

     Low Leaf has self released 4 EPs between 2011-2013 (ChrysalisGiGA GAiA, Alchemizing Dawn, Unearthly) and released her 1st full length album AKASHAALAY through Fresh Selects in 2014 on vinyl, cassettes and CDs in Japan via P-vine. Low Leaf's 2nd full length album entitled, "Palm Psalms: A Light to Resolve All Darkness" was self-released in 2016 on double vinyl under her own movement, Creator DIY. She has steadily toured internationally as a solo artist throughout Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and The Philippines since 2012, and now performs with a 5 piece band: Low Leaf and the Ascension, or a 13 piece ensemble: Low Leaf and the Ascension Orchestra.