creative abundance flower essence

creative abundance flower essence


"flower essences are part of a larger category of healing called vibrational medicine, which includes homeopathy, gem elixirs, environmental - astrological and angelic elixirs. they are liquid extracts charged with biomagnetic patterns of specific flowers to affect the consciousness and energy fields of sentient beings for the purpose of returning to a pattern of wholeness. " - ouapiti robintree

"Creative Abundance" was made with 3 types of purple petalled flowers: jacaranda, lily of the nile, and butterfly bush. it is intended to induce creativity, joy, spontaneous expression, harmony, focus, abundance consciousness, limitlessness, decisiveness, mental clarity / concentration during long-term productivity. 

ingredients: butterfly bush flower essence, jacaranda flower essence, lily of the nile flower essence, activated holy water, brandy preservative

1 oz.

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