Palm Psalms: A Light to Resolve All Darkness (2016): Inspired by a sacred psalm, this album was written as a seed of light, love, and peace, for the collective soul of the world. 


Diwata Mantraz vol. 2: Manifestation (2016): is inspired by my dreams to live on an island, in a pyramid of leaves, creating music inside a solar powered recording studio, eating food straight from the land i walk barefoot upon, surrounded by my star clan: co-creators of life and love. 


Diwata Mantraz vol. 1: Purification (2015) is the first of an evolving collection of free-form instrumentals and sound meditations. It is a musical documentation of my journey through interwoven vibratory dimensions, to The Divine Cosmic Source that unifies us with all creation.


AKASHAALAY (2014) is a vibratory offering to The Philippines. 'Akasha' means 'ether' in Sanskrit & 'pag-AALAY' is an 'offering' in Tagalog. Searching for the unheard songs of my ancestors, I channeled these frequencies as a vessel to transmit messages of hope, awakening, and honor to the thriving collective Filipino Spirit of today.


UNEARTHly EP (2013) is an experimental electronic project that floats inbetween Earth and The Moon. It doesn't belong to space, but it doesn't quite belong to earth either.. This is the sound of searching for a place to rest, and finding home in the periphery of that which cannot be defined.


Alchemizing Dawn EP (2012) is a collection of compositions that were written during growing pains. Every song was a personal healing process, that gradually led me to discover the art of alchemizing darkness into light, and radiating from my heart's inner sun. 


GiGA GAiA EP (2012) is an experimental effort of trying to combine my electronic expression (giga) with my roots in acoustic instrumentation (gaia). Giga Gaia was also a planet- much like an island in the sky, that I mused while envisioning the way a new type of frequency would look and sound like. It turned out completely different than what I was going for, so the project stands as an act of letting go and not being defined by one's art. 


Chrysalis EP (2011) was created while searching for an authentic frequency within. I was using music to lose myself, to find my voice, and discover a sound to call my own within the cocoon of my musical universe.