Peace Lily

This mixtape, I went into effortless conversation with a Peace Lily.. her msg clears away all radiation ~ from the physical n metaphysical body.. she gently disarms you, entrancing the soul to lift itself free from the bonds we so often continue to live w/, unaware of our conditioningโ€ฆ this celestial session was poetry for meโ€ฆ as the light rippled in, I re-entered the new but familiar ~ leaving gravity I witnessed memories from the moon in the vault of my heart.. before I knew it, the moon cycle completed itself, and all experiences, lessons, reflections and disarray from the past month :: dissolved back into the earthโ€ฆ. 

Low Leaf
Plumeria + Snake Plant

This celestial session I chose to jam with a Plumeria and Snake Plant. The spirit of Plumeria guides us thru our dark memories, repetitive thoughts, n traumas, and assists us in restoring ourselves to perceive and understand our experiences from a place of empowerment and optimism. The spirit of the SNAKE PLANT is useful for cutting psychic cords, providing psychic protection, and helps us distance ourselves from emotional dramas so we can rise from a strong spiritual center.. 

Low Leaf
Bird of Paradise

This lunar cycle's mixtape is in conversation with a Bird of Paradise ..


The spirit of the bird of paradise is for inspiring creatives to free all energy that has been blocked, renew vision, direction and aid in manifestation!

Low Leaf
meditation mixtapes launches on 09.09
Meditation Mixtapes Logo.jpg


Meditation Mixtapes is an ambient series of celestial sessions that drop on every new moon. Combining water, crystals, electric harp, n spirit, each mixtape is in conversation with a different plant, translating itโ€™s biodata into MIDI. Each session is a creative experiment exploring the realms of nature/spirit consciousness through sound.


Low Leaf