In the Spring of 2015 I began holding public experimental group sound baths on every full moon called VIBRATORY HEALING. Combining 7 crystal chakra singing bowls, the electric harp, and vocal toning, I explored harmonizing others to higher state of perception by way of spiritual entrainment. Each gathering taught me something greatly significant about the delicacies and energetic laws of healing through the power of vibration, and it was an incredible experience to co-create and share with everyone who held space. I eventually decided to take a step back from group sessions because I felt like everyone was in a different part of their soul journey, and I wanted to preserve the sacredness of ceremony. But as much time has passed n much growth has happened since, I've been called to revive these gatherings once again.. So in the Spring of 2018, I will be hosting group sound baths with a more refined vision and intention. But in the meantime,  I currently hold private sound baths, so that each individual can receive the necessary pure focused healing transmissions needed. 


If you are interested in booking a private sound healing session for more intimate attuning, please fill out this form and kindly share your intentions.

Rates to be discussed privately.

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