mixed media energetics added to the shop

these next round of visual mixed-media energetic offerings is a series of 'energy un-blocks' on pieces of wood. wit these I was really embracing the abstractions that appear when I allowed myself to create from a place of complete non-judgement and focused intention. a practice in embracing literally every.single.moment. as it circulates in the ebb n flow of each day, each week, each portal of time we access when we stay aligned. the way the wood took in the paint was so magical for me, I sculpted through so many realm of the soul while creating these.. they hold a completely new vibration that trips me out when I hold one on my hands. the world is so full of instant everything right now, when ur tuned out for a day, it feels like the whole world passes you by.. n it's beautiful, it feels like babylon is in slow motion, and you start to function in eternity realtime.  I feel like these energy capsules hold a piece of that eternity. and rip open our outdated ideas n beliefs about time n space itself. we have always been timeless, n able to expand by exploring the space within. 

Low Leaf