FEB 4 @ The Bootleg Theatre


feelin dat eclipse energy undulating to the surface of my ever shifting perception of life and self. it got me thanking.. i'm humbled by the cosmic hand that blessed me with the gift of music, my first love n lifelong creative experiment that I continue to nurture n water every day. I been sitting in lotus levitating over this new music, patiently orchestrating da release of the beginning of the new .. n only saying yes to opportunities that are aligned with my highest soul contract. this upcoming show at Girl School is one of those magical things is aid yes to. i'll be sharing the stage with powerful songstresses, uniting our voices in th name of empowerment, beauty, knowledge, n love.. I will also have a merch table set up with my art pieces.. .

I go on with the band at 8:30

tickets @ www.girlschoolla.com

Low Leaf