ethereal womb revival flower essence

On the new moon this Tuesday I felt a wave to create this special vibrational remedy, specifically for women. I've found that creating remedies in small batches with handmade labels preserves the sacredness and intention of this work, for me and the way that I flow. I've always preferred things that are handmade, or I'd opt to support smaller businesses directly, wherein the creative life force is clearly felt in the product. In a sense everything is alive, and I believe it's this energy that keeps us all empowered and uplifted. 

Flower essences are not for everybody, but for those who resonate with the gentle yet powerful healing energy and beauty of flowers, this may be for you. Working with this type of medicine is very effective with highly sensitive people, bc the frequency at which they assist you are on such a fine vibration, that often times it's this slight shift in frequency that happens to be what we need to move through obstacles. But at the same time, I've experienced giving flower essences to some of the most rigid 'non-sensitive' people I know, and witnessed them experience an internal shift before my eyes almost instantaneously. When working with flower essences, everyone has a different response over a ranging period of time. Some people get super triggered emotionally, other people may have some issues arise that need to be addressed and released, and others may find themselves ready to surrender into the next phase of healing. Often times I will experience an immediate response, n other times it takes about a week for emotions to arise. But I believe if your soul is ready to receive this medicine, the plant spirits will gladly aid you during your journey of self-discovery and healing. 

The Ethereal Womb Revival Flower Essence is a vibrational infusion for women that want to heal, cleanse, release, and connect with their womb. In this energy center, many women store unresolved trauma from past experiences, past lovers, and often many hurtful energetic imprints that are damaging to the whole of oneโ€™s being. Created with spring water from Mt. Shasta, the root chakra of the earth, this holy water has been charged with Lemurian Quartz n Moon Stones, vibrating in a sacral crystal singing bowl of song n prayer to the Most High (calling assistance from all forces that are of heavenly pure love, of course!)

The flower essences in each bottle contains: Hibiscus for letting go of built up creative forces in the womb, TI plant for psychic and spiritual protection n to rebuke disruptive frequencies that have entered into your energetic field, Ayahuasca to stimulate dialogue in the body for self-healing n to deepen telepathy with nature, and all of creation, Blue Water Lily to open one up to the sacredness within by bringing forth calmness and clarity, and Chocolate Orchid to return to the path of joy, so as to ascend to a lightness of spirit, free from self-imposing beliefs and behavioral patterns. 

If you are reading this, I sincerely thank you for supporting my work and what I've been up to. When I do create these vibrational remedies they will always be in small batches, when spirit guides me to. I know there's a lotta commodification going on with sacred medicine work n ritual on every level, but, I believe that if you use your intuition and pure intention, you can discern and align with everything you need to evolve, heal and expand yourself. 

Much love and prayerful colors your way <3 

Low Leaf