visual prayers series added to the shop

i've began a collection of ongoing visual prayers. they are each going to be unique and handmade, one of a kind, and created from a space of freedom. . . i'm admittedly a crazy perfectionist when it comes to my music, i'm all about refining, sculpting, and letting things simmer n bake for weeks at a time... but with visual art, my approach is more raw.. it's a literal meditation for me; I don't think about it, i'm just in the flow... it's a prayer... For so many years i'd just draw and let things live within my notebooks... hella detailed micron drawings, that are like star maps and letters to myself from a higher dimension // one day i'll release lil books or something... but presently, i'm enjoying creating these peaces bc it feels right to grow in this way.. check em out in my online shop

clear euphoria


I also got a new herbal smoking blend that doubles as a tea blend to offer up, called CLEAR EUPHORIA. It's a balanced blend of sage, pink rose petals, marshmallow, damiana, marjoram, lavender and more. This blend is made to clear the lungs while providing a calm euphoric state // It's aromatically sweet with sum minty flavor notes. Cop dat shyt! 

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