prpl blooded savage lover 


safe within there is a presence untouched by the consciousness of the world

forever in my prime . constant bloom . ever - evolving soul is a shrine 

what a blessing it is to be alive.


this internet thing. it's open space. 

I know I coulda taken the obvious route. . . 

but hear me out........


to have been barefoot this whole time, n been thru a terrain that ur hands carved bamboo swords wit on YA OWN. this whole time, giving that soil love when no one else gave a fk. cultivating ur worth yrs ago when u felt unworthy of a co-sign that u hustled aNyway n finally realized U NevA Needed dAt shyt to give u Credz. 


I highkey been a gngSTAR this whole time. since b4 create or die came to new life as a do it yourself life wize. i'm much wiser now.

[ [ ~ This is where I launch ~ ] ]

I am the platform. Because I am the platform, everything that grows here is Certified Organic. you will *identify the fruit by the tree*. . . . 

: : * : : ThESE SEEdS R MY OWN : : * : : 

respect for those that came before me. honoring the path for those who stayed true. learning from the lessons of the pain of the elders, living ancestors, n teachers. 

< < < I am free to release art my own way> > > 

the type of energetic support where the exchange is for SOUL EXPANSION, and NOT FANBASE INTERACTION. 

There are many ways. This is my way.