a molecular oath

creatordiy 2017 recentered.jpg

social media may have us feel some type of way. to relieve myself of the idea of having to express myself within any expected means, I return to creator DIY.. the movement (not a label) that got me moving to start openly evolving through art in 2008. since then i’ve traveled the world bc of the energetic laws of attraction, navigating the always-changing musical landscape as a solo warrior.. n even now, the music industry is malleable into what we decide it can be. so here I am, every step full intentional expression to express something that i’ve always known. i’ve cultivated n refined over time, my art is proof, and i’m still growing ~ creation is life. and in this realm, I expand in truest light.. 🌱

This is where I will be sharing all multi-media creations of myself as well as fellow multi-dimensional beings out there who in my eyez, walk this sacred path. there are so many of them scattered throughout the planet that i’ve touched souls with. I now realized we are so spread out bc our heart frequencies take up a lottaaa space n we stay connected on a higher dimension via creativity n energy work... this is abt more than what’s trending, i’m interested in creation that resonates truth n new life ✨✨✨ stay attuned

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