world peace begins within

   All creation in the universe is a single note in the symphony of life's eternal song. You are a spirit with a soul inside a body; you are an ever-changing expression of The Creator. Truly understanding the interconnectedness that we have to each other and all creation, is a key to unlocking the abundance of life itself, and living our lives as music.

   On this physical plane, I strive to be a vessel for our Creator. I am deeply inspired by the language of the trees. colorful human culture. respect for the spirit of life. holistic health. conscious consumption. sustainable habitats. harmony. the Do-It-Yourself lifestyle... and unearthing my spiritual heritage. Composed of vibrations, together we can form a wave of peace that will rhythmically multiply itself throughout all life for future generations on this beloved planet earth. Although I say I am here to be a messenger of love through the power of art, these ideas are far beyond just me… every. single. individual's purpose is crucial for this spiritual revolution that's been waiting to resurface inside our blood. 

   May you plant seeds of the new earth within, and nourish them with your entire body, soul, and spirit.

l o v e v o l v e

c r e a t e   o r   d i e